AZ Daily Star Readers' Choice: Please Nominate Us!

Arizona Daily Star Readers' Choice Competition is beginning.  For the past 5 years [every year we have been open] we are proud to have won or been voted favorite in the Best Art Gallery in Tucson category.

We need your help, in order to have the opportunity for Votes, we first need to be nominated.  You can nominate us once.  Nominating ends June 18.  To Nominate us,

  • Go to
  • Scroll down to "Select a group to get started" and under that click on the box called "Entertainment." 
  • Best Art Gallery is the first selection. You will see our logo and to the right is a button that says "Nominate", click on it and provide your information.It will tell you that you have successfully signed in and then you hit the "Nominate" button again.

We need to be in the top 3 of galleries getting Nominated in order to have the opportunity to Win again!!!

All of our artists appreciate your continued support. Thank you for helping us!!