Large Vase- Yellow & Blue


Large Fused Glass Vase.  This piece is made with Limited Edition glass.  It starts with a 22 inch circle that is full fired and then “slumped” over a mold.  As the glass gets hotter, it bands over the mold for a unique one-of-a-kind piece.  No two are ever alike.  This vase is Bright yellow and cobalt blue swirled together in a fabulous design.  The vase can stand up as a vase or displayed as a piece of art by laying it on its different sides.  Have fun and move it around for totally different looks.  It can certainly hold flowers.  Simply put a “flower frog” in the bottom or a clear glass vase to hold the flowers more upright.

Dimensions: Standing up is approx. 10”, depth is approx. 12” and width approx. 14”.


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