Custom Metal Arizona Above Fireplace

$priced individually

Customers were looking to have a metal art piece created for them above their fireplace. They love the Tucson Mountains and the plants found in the desert. You will see saguaro, barrel cactus, century plant, grasses and rocks throughout the piece. After meeting with the client, Doug and Deb Myhr started layouts to share with the client. Once approved, they started the creation. The finished work is actually 4 pieces and total dimensions are approximately 24 inches tall and 65 inches wide.

Customers participated in the installation process. The pieces were laid out on the floor inside a space created which represents where it will be hung. Each piece was installed to the exact specifications of the client. Customers are in love with it and would be happy to show anyone who might be interested in similar work.

The metal artists would be delighted to talk with you to create something for your home, inside or outside. Contact Absolutely Art Gallery and Gifts at 520-818-1242 to get started.

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